Photo finish: Cropping to fit

I coached a professional photographer a few years back. He needed something like 30 minutes of help before he was loading his images every which way onto his portfolio blog. Someone with limited exposure to photography, however, could struggle for months trying to grasp the dynamics of image processing and placement. Cropping, sizing, correcting, coding and uploading images can be maddening for those without experience and/or aptitude. Don't get me wrong: Anyone can learn to upload … [Read more...]

Fear of blogging: The lay of the land

I once had a client seeking better visibility for his landscaping web site. He was a good guy, in the country a few years out of Israel. The landscaper showed me beautiful color images of his work, spread out there on the kitchen table. He didn't have the budget to upgrade his web site, which was a mess. I suggested doing a simple blog. One with a minimalist WordPress theme designed to show off images. I'd done something similar for an interior designer the year before. He hated the … [Read more...]