Fear of blogging: The lay of the land

japanese garden for blog post

I once had a client seeking better visibility for his landscaping web site. He was a good guy, in the country a few years out of Israel.

The landscaper showed me beautiful color images of his work, spread out there on the kitchen table.

He didn’t have the budget to upgrade his web site, which was a mess. I suggested doing a simple blog. One with a minimalist WordPress theme designed to show off images. I’d done something similar for an interior designer the year before.

He hated the idea.

I have nothing to write, the landscaper said in hesitant but good-enough English. What would I blog about?

Just use these terrific pictures and throw together some captions, I said. “Every time you do a job, put up the pictures. Try some before and after shots. Maybe the client will write a sentence or two about the project, as a testimonial.”

Based on your work, it would be a great little landscaping blog, I said.

He shrugged and made a face.

I said, “If your current web site were a printed brochure, how would you feel about handing it to prospective clients?” Another shrug. Another face.

Long story short, my client was so nervous about writing even a few sentences that he wouldn’t go near a blog.

Fear of writing is a very real thing.